2010年10月06日 22:24


As mentioned above, Abbott also attended the show. He made a very quick trip to Los Angeles for a costume fitting with Jef Billings, and asked the organizers for a ticket. (He was invited to skate in the show but didn't feel he could take the extra time off for rehearsals; he had already committed to "Skate for the Heart" next weekend).


"When I got there, they gave me two tickets, and I just needed one for me," Abbott told us. He tweeted that he had an extra ticket if anyone wanted it and went out to dinner with friends.


"We were walking to the Staples Center and this girl was kind of staring me down in the street, and she was like, 'Jeremy Abbott?' And she started screaming and freaking out. And she said, 'Do you still have an extra ticket? One of my friends doesn't have a ticket.' I said 'Of course,' and they all freaked out again. My friends weren't sure if they should get out the pepper spray! But it was fine, and the girl who didn't have a ticket was so cute, this little shy girl. So I gave her my ticket and backstage pass."


Abbott enjoyed the show tremendously, although he noted that the opening number was the same as the version of the show he skated in Korea. "Sitting in the audience I was like, 'I could have just brought my skates and jumped on the ice and been fine!'"


Of course he was full of praise for Queen Yu-Na.


"She's fabulous. And she can sell a ton a ton of tickets to the Staples Center which no one has been able to do in a long time."


Unfortunately, Abbott told us he is having serious boot problems for the first time in his career. He hasn't yet found the right pair, and with only two weeks until he leaves for Japan, he says he hasn't been able to train properly for a month. So we wish him the very best of luck and a pair of perfect boots.