2010年12月23日 18:33

Were you bummed you weren't able to participate in the Grand Prix Finals?

JA: I WAS BUMMED that I wasn't in Beijing. I felt strongly that I belonged there, but it's been a blessing because I have had time to work out my boot problems to make sure that everything is set the way it should be for the rest of the season.



Do you have more to contribute artistically or athletically to your sport?

JA: I always try to blend the two seamlessly. I'm a huge critic of myself. A bit of a perfectionist, so I always think that I have more to give to both aspects of the sport. I know that I can do more artistically which is why I am always trying to make each program and each year so different from the previous. I also have a lot to give athletically. I am capable of doing a quad salchow, and last summer I was working on a quad lutz ( I wasn't landing it or anything just to set the record straight). It's very mentally exhausting adding just one Quad. Although all the other jumps are the same it completely changes the entire dynamic and approach of the program.



※"approach of the program"を上手く日本語にできません。

When do you know it's time to go into the next phase of your life, whether it's skating or nonskating related?

JA: I will let you know when that time comes. For now I'm not seeing the end:)


その時が来たら知らせるよ。今のところ、僕の目に終わりは見えてないよ :)

Of the current crop of skaters out there, who do you think is doing a great job of carrying the mantle of what YOU stand for -- that the new point system does not have to overtake the choreography and artistry of a program?

JA: ME! I don't mean to sound conceited or full of myself, but I have worked so hard to stand out and to make sure that I have jumps, great basic skating, and substance to my programs. I am so grateful to my team and everyone around me for all that they have done. I am so proud of all this work, and I think what I have done really stands out. Having said that, there are actually quite a few men that I admire for lots of reasons, but Daisuke Takahashi is the only one I feel can jump, has artistry, but also has passion and emotion.