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2011年07月10日 16:33

Abbott spent considerable time finding the music he wanted for his new long program. After considering pieces by Debussy and Jeff Beck, he listened to some pieces by Muse.


"I remembered that a long time ago John Coughlin had given me 'Butterflies and Hurricanes,' and wanted me to skate to it," he said. "So I wondered if Muse had anything instrumental, and I listened to Exogenesis Symphony. The third piece [Part 3: Redemption], I was like, 'Oh, this is perfect.'The music is still a work in progress but the program is almost finished, it's almost what I want. It's going to change and evolve throughout the summer."

「昔、ジョン・コフリンが僕に"Butterflies and Hurricanes"を渡して、それを滑ってほしいと言ったのを思い出したんだ。」彼は言いました。「それで、ミューズはインストゥルメンタルの曲があるのかな、って思って、エクソジェネシス交響曲を聴いたんだよ。3番目の曲(第3部:あがない)を聴いて、僕は"ああ、完璧だ。"って思ったんだ。音楽はまだ編集中なんだけど、プログラムはほとんどできたし、ほぼ僕の望み通りになってる。夏の間にもっと手を加えて良くしていくよ。」

Abbott and Sato are choreographing the program together. They have arranged to have the vocal section of the piece replaced by an electric guitar version. "It's only about a minute," Abbott said.


"It's nice because both of us can make changes as we go," he said. "I wanted to do a program with Yuka because we work really well together. I told her I wanted a program where I could breathe, and get into the ice, something calm, that can move and that's just ice skating. There's no story or theme, we just choreographed to the music, we just did what the music says. It's very airy and calm, it builds beautifully in the beginning and then it comes back down in the end. When I listen to it, I get chills, kind of, and I can see the program and feel the music."


Although Abbott hasn't yet done a lot of choreography, he has extensive dance training. He says he loves to dance and that he's looking for dance classes in his training area of Detroit. He took a contemporary jazz class with Schwimmer in California.


"I don't know any technique, so I was just throwing myself around, but I had so much fun moving like that and expressing the music. It's so nice to be able to do this on the floor without rules and without limits. I've have moments on the ice that were transcending, where I was a little outside myself, but it was usually technical. Every time I let go, it just becomes a mess because I lose balance and focus and timing. I have to focus so much, and count everything. I've never had this amazing performance where I gave everything of my soul. The dancers put their heart and soul out there on the floor. To dance so well that it brings you to tears, that's incredible, I've never had a skate like that."


Abbott says he has solved the boot problems that plagued him last season, costing him valuable training time. He says he has had to rework his technique somewhat; his problems last season created some bad habits he has had to break, but that his skating is going well again.


"Jason [Dungjen] and I had a conference call with Riedell, and we told them what the issues had been," he said. "When I took these boots out of the box I could tell that they were better. I'm skating comfortably, and I'm happy with the pair that I'm in. I'll have to get another pair before the season starts. We're being much more proactive this time, and I already have the second pair."


Abbott is looking forward to competing at the Cup of China and the Cup of Russia in the fall.


"I'm excited to go to China because it was the first Grand Prix I won, and I'm looking forward to Shanghai because I've heard great things about the city. And the fans are great in Russia and I know the arena there. It's the same two competitions I did when I won the final [in 2008]. The men's field is so ridiculously deep right now, it doesn't matter where you compete, none of them are easy. I'm just happy that I'm going."